Hemp Farm Brokerage was created to connect farmers with trusted and vetted buyers, processors, seed companies and consultants.  We believe hemp farms and products have the potential to save the planet and bring prosperity back to the people.


We intend to bolster the hemp industry by connecting farmers to companies that have a reputation for quality, transparency, government compliance and the ethical treatment of farmers.




If you have hemp hurd, seeds, stalks, fibre, flower, or isolate or full spectrum extracts to sell we can connect you to vetted buyers. We have clients who can purchase thousands of acres of product each harvest.


Looking to start a hemp farm?

We provide consulting on everything from seed to sale. We have an extensive network of professionals who specialize in commercial hemp and cannabis cultivation.


If you need to buy High CBD hemp seeds or clones, industrial hemp seeds or clones, feminized cbd seeds. or are looking for exotic cannabis seeds give us a call!



Our Mission is to be the most trusted resource for hemp farmers and buyers across the globe. By carefully vetting our partners we can help our clients make educated decisions that are aligned with their own mission and goals.


We believe that a strong community of professionals with shared goals and passions will set the standard. 



Alexandra Calahan

Founder, CEO

Alexandra helps companies in the hemp and cannabis industry with expanding their brand through design, product development, advertising and marketing campaigns along with robust regulatory compliance.

Sean Calahan

Co-Founder, COO

Sean has been growing hemp and cannabis for 15 years, we consider him somewhat of a plant whisperer and seed hoarder. Sean helps growers with site build out plans, purchasing agreements and integrated pest management solutions. 

Robert Crenshaw

Lead Extracts Consultant

Robert has been professionally extracting cannabinoids and terpenes for 5+ years. Robert consults on the safe set-up and operation of critical, sensitive hemp and cannabis extraction facilities.


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